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Hapkido (Teens & Adults)

Our Teen and Adult Hapkido program (ages 12 & up) is designed to provide training in real-world self defense techniques, preparing the brain and body to react quickly, and with a clear mind, while under pressure.

With consistent instruction and motivation, you’ll tap into your maximum mental and physical potential as you develop Hapkido skills to protect yourself and earn your Black Belt. You’ll improve self confidence and self control, gain flexibility and agility, build stamina and strength, and get into amazing shape. And you’ll have fun doing it!

Our motto is “Strong Bodies and Clear Minds.” Martial arts not only helps build your physical abilities, it also helps improve your personal and professional life as you become more confident, focused, and goal-oriented.

Each Hapkido class begins with a thorough warm-up, preparing the body for break-falls, throws, joint locks, pressure points, submission holds, kicking and striking. Students will also learn weapons defense skills and will practice simulated attacks with their appropriate response.

You’ll be surrounded by supportive Hapkido instructors and classmates who will encourage and motivate you every step of the way, helping you to achieve your personal goals in a friendly, welcoming environment.

No prior experience is needed to join our program, and students of all ages and fitness levels are welcome.

Hapkido ranks and achievements (including leadership, competitions, and titles) are a great way to help build a college-bound teenager’s resume.

To learn more about our Teen and Adult Hapkido program, call us at (630) 373-6861 to get started!