Definition of Martial Arts

Literally translated, the Korean word “Moo” denotes “martial or military.” The word “Do” translates as “the way or path.” Thus, “Moo Do” means “Martial Way” or more commonly, “Martial arts.”

Martial arts are a system of symmetric exercises/techniques designed for self-defense in unarmed combat, making use of the hands and feet as weapons. However, the martial arts are not merely physical fighting skills. They are, rather, a way of thought and life. Through strict discipline, martial arts train both the mind and body, placing a great emphasis on the development of moral character. In other words, control of the mind, concentration, respect and humility must accompany physical skill.

Martial arts consist of conditioning the body through the practice of attack and defense techniques. This system of unarmed combat involves the skillful application of punching, kicking, striking, jumping, dodging, blocking and parrying actions, directed toward the goal of neutralizing an aggressor. Many techniques are linear, motions, but also include the use of circular movements, joint locks, pressure point, throwing and falling techniques. An essential characteristic used in meeting an opponent’s attack is the mastery of breathing and the development of “Ki Hap” or “power gathering” to unify one’s force.

Purpose of Martial Arts

The ultimate purpose of martial arts is to eliminate fighting by discouraging the oppression of the weak with a power that should be based on humanity, justice morality, wisdom and faith, thus helping to build a better and more peaceful world. Martial arts imply a way of thinking and living, and particularly in instilling moral civilization and generating the power of justice.

Martial arts are also known as one of the best means of developing and enhancing the emotional, perceptual and psychological characteristics that enable the younger generation, regardless of age, social status or gender to learn and participate effectively in the social demands of one’s peers.

Every movement of martial arts is scientifically designed with a specific purpose. Constant repetition teaches patience and how to overcome any difficulty. The tremendous power generated from one’s body develops the self-confidence to meet any opponent, at any place and in any situation. “Free Sparring” teaches humility, courage, alertness accuracy and adaptability, as well as self-control. “Forms” teach flexibility, grace, balance and coordination, while “Basics Motions” are the fundamental exercises which develop preciseness and teach the method, principle and purpose of each technique.

Eventually, this training permeates every conscious and subconscious action of the student. Thus, martial arts offer a strict, self-imposed discipline, along with the spirit of cooperation and mutual respect.

Obviously, the training one receives in martial arts has numerous advantages. Martial arts can be quite beneficial for preparing youth, not only for taking the place in society, but also for their academic life. Martial arts also teach, among other things, tenacity and concentration and are also conducive for relieving the tensions and pressures effectuated by the rigors of long, tedious hours of study. A session of training can refresh the student and help calm and clear the mind, permitting the student to focus his/her energies once again on his/her studies.

Some of the ​​Martial Arts offered at our school...

• National Sport of Korea
• Official Olympic Sport
• Taught in over 206 countries
• Most popular martial art in the world!

• “Classical” Korean Karate
• Traditional Martial Art of Korea
• Devastating Self-Defense techniques!

• Korea’s “Soft” Martial Art, utilizing joint locks, pressure points, throws, grappling, etc.​
• Taught to South Korean military & police
• Pure Martial Art…NOT a sport!

Martial Arts USA also offers instruction in MMA style conditioning, Kickboxing, Tae Geuk Kwon (Korean Tai Chi) plus much more…

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